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Death Penalty Information

Monday, November 06, 2006

Peru: the death penalty for terrorist
Peru's President in favor of death penalty for terrorists

On a day when thousands of Peruvians visit cemeteries to honour their
dead, Peru's President Alan Garcia announced that he will send a law to
Congress to apply the death penalty for terrorists. With this law, Garcia
is mainly targeting the resumption of subversive activities by the
"Shining Path" (Sendero Luminoso), a maoist guerilla group. Since the
capture of its leader Abimael Guzmn in 1992, it has only been sporadically
Two months ago, Peru's Chief of State pronounced himself in favor of
capital punishment for rapists of children who kill their victims.
Although the debate on this subject continues thoughout Peruvian society
without obtaining a consensus, Garcia advanced his latest proposal.
He affirmed that his initiative includes the execution for remaining
Shining Path insurgents that are being reorganized with the purpose of
reviving the armed warfare by means of terrorist attacks.
"Those who commit serious crimes of terrorism, those who are trying to
return our country to the fight of the 80's and early 90's, will face a
firing squad," he remarked.
He also warned that in case the "Shining Path" tries again to infiltrate
Peru's schools, universities, unions or other organizations, the
government "will intervene."
"If the circumstances demand it, the Constitution authorizes a declaration
of emergency I hope that I will have sufficient evidence and suspicions to
respond in a proportional way", he said.
In order to avoid that the population is alarmed by his statements, Garcia
said the security during the regional and municipal elections on November
19 is guaranteed and that a specific threat or indication of subversive
activities during that day does not exist.
(source: Living in Peru News)
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